Health & Wellness – Registered Massage Therapy – Serving Clients Downtown Calgary 

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Zone One Wellness

Calgary Massage Therapist Canada

Registered Calgary Massage Therapist
Helping clients “Zone” in on their well-being!

Are you feeling stress from neck, shoulders, knee, wrist or back pain? Are you recovering from an injury or surgery? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Training for a specific activity or wanting to get back into activities? Are you regularly challenged with time between work, family, social activities or travelling? Are you regularly sitting in front of the computer or electronic device? Do you regularly take time for your own health and wellness? How much have you used your Company’s Massage Therapy and Health benefits that are part of your employment package?

Effective massages with firm pressure are used to align your muscles, increase circulation, increase your range of motion, reduce your stress levels, deal with the chronic pain and root of the cause and let you play fully in your life. Isn’t it time to start using your health benefits?

Zone One Wellness is committed to assisting clients with taking care of their physical health, whether one has been sitting in an office for too many hours, driving too much, which having personally been there we can relate to or having a specific medical condition that requires treatments. You may be looking for health assistance with conditions such as Pregnancy, Parkinson’s disease; Multiple Sclerosis or Pre/Post surgeries for hip replacements, knee or ankle injuries. Perhaps you are active in sports and want to maintain your good health or just wanting to get started on a preventative route with your health.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, a combination of Massage modalities are utilized including Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Breathing techniques, stretches to assist you with your well being, taking into account your whole body and the causative factor because usually the chief complaint clients are coming in for is not the cause and that is something we specialize in. Looking forward to working with you soon so you are functioning to play fully in your life!

Convenient secure online appointment booking and secure payment system to save you time getting in for your Therapeutic Massage treatment.

“We look forward to assisting you with your health and well-being – please share us with your family, friends and colleagues!”