Health & Wellness Abundance – Reduce Pain & Stress, Connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit to play in life with ease & gentleness! 

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Health & Wellness Abundance – Reduce Pain & Stress, Connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit to play in life with ease & gentleness! 

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Shannon Gordon Massage Therapist
Shannon Gordon, Registered Massage Therapist, Healer, Trainer and Instructor originally from Calgary; graduated from Sutherland Chan’s 2200 hour Massage therapy program in Toronto in 1995 and is a Registered Remedial, Sports and Therapeutic Massage Therapist. I am is a certified Instructor, La Stone Therapist, have taught stress releasing classes, fitness, aquacise, massage, remedial exercise, hydrotherapy; worked with children, adults, couples, groups and businesses for years. Having a background in travel and business, allowed me to live and work Internationally for a number of years. Personally using Massage Therapy as a preventive in health care for over 25 years and practicing over 24 years, there is much to share with clients.

Being passionate about health and self care started at an early age, having lost a sibling who was only 6 years old the year I was born, a parent when I was 7 years old, another sibling at 41 years, along with other close relatives and a couple of very dear friends over the years. Taking a preventative approach in my health care has been an important component in my life regardless of the country I live in, the work I have done or those surrounding me. Staying physically active personally all my life has had its challenges over the years, which required finding great people providing a variety of modalities to keep me on my path, which they still do.

It is out of those experiences that led me to study massage therapy, stress management, communication skills, energy work, fitness, remedial exercises, instructing/teaching and the continued modalities I continue to learn and teach. The more one takes care of oneself and has the tools to do so, the more one can freely share their gifts with the world.

I have lived and practiced internationally, working with other experienced Health Professionals in hospitals, instructing, examining at a Provincial level, teaching fitness and specialized clinics treating clients with a variety of medical conditions. I love working with other practitioners, organizations and people where we share our gifts to assist others and each other in our journey in life with health and wellness being at the forefront.

Being passionate about health and fitness I am excited to be working with clients assisting ones overall well-being. Looking to find the root of the cause for one’s symptoms is one of my specialties with all my in-depth training and knowledge of the body.

Sessions are individually designed and are suitable for all individuals, searching for physical, mental and spiritual wellness whether you are looking for stress management; managing specific medical conditions including Parkinson; Multiple Scoliosis ; insomnia; pre/post surgeries; pre/post sports treatment or for general well being. A variety of modalities are used in addition to Swedish Massage techniques, Dynamic Cupping, Myofascial Release, Hands on Healing and Reiki along with other tools regularly updated to assist clients with their well being.

What I have to offer is my International training, experience and intuitive gifts to all my clients. Having worked in the business sector myself and participated in active sport including running and marathons, I can relate to the daily stresses and adjustments necessary on the body. It is my belief that by listening to the body, bringing awareness and supporting clients’ abilities to be in touch with their physical self one obtains balance in their life.

When not working, the activities I enjoy include spending time with family and friends; traveling, writing, cycling, camping, kayaking, golfing, swimming, hiking, Pilates and yoga.