Health & Wellness Abundance – Reduce Pain & Stress, Connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit to play in life with ease & gentleness! 

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Health & Wellness Abundance – Reduce Pain & Stress, Connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit to play in life with ease & gentleness! 

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I’ve been going to see Shannon at Zone One Wellness for a couple of years now and must honestly say that it’s not just a massage that you receive. When I leave Shannon there is a very peaceful feeling, not just in body but also in mind. I take the bus home after my massages and it’s almost a floating/euphoric feeling as I walk to the bus stop. Not only has the body been relieved of it’s stresses but the mind has also been released.

I would highly recommend Shannon at Zone One Wellness for the whole relaxation sensation of body and mind.

Thanks Grace

“Shannon was such a delight to work with right from the time we first spoke on the phone inquiring about her services offered for our employees, to the day she was in our office space, setting up and ready for her session!

She provided great insight as an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) in her presentation; making it a fun, educational experience on health and wellness. Her self care tips assisting one working in an office environment or anywhere were easy to implement and appreciated by all the employees, who were also happy with the individual massage sessions she provided.

We definitely would get Shannon in for future events.

Thank you again, Shawn, Workopolis

“Shannon is very good at addressing trouble areas and suggestion exercises and stretches for preventative maintenance. She knows how to read your body to find tight or sore muscles and responds using appropriate pressure, adapting to your needs accordingly.

Shannon also makes the massage experience enjoyable by making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is very easy to be around and someone that I look forward to seeing.

Thanks, Nicole

“Shannon is the best massage therapist I’ve been to, and with chronic injury pain going back many years, I’ve been to many massage therapists. She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field with extensive training and experience (and able to confidently and successfully treat your issues during sessions), but also offers help, suggestions and exercises that can be used after treatment to further enhance your wellbeing and recovery.

She is accommodating, enthusiastic, cheerful and listens authentically to her clients, in everything from their concerns to their preferences on amount of pressure used and methods of massage employed. I have also found that the space Shannon creates for her clients is welcoming, relaxing and totally soothing, from the lighting and gentle music to the little touches like extra blankets and heating pads.

A massage treatment with Shannon always leaves me totally relaxed, with a reduction in pain and a spring in my step. I would highly recommend her excellent services to anyone who’s looking for massage as a relaxation therapy or a medical treatment option—or for me, a fantastic combination of both!”


Before massages with Shannon, I felt back pain and difficulty going to sleep. I went in to release the pain, have more physical energy, improve my emotional and spiritual wellness. After receiving a couple of massages with Shannon, and learning some proper stretches and easy exercises, I now feel strong. I am more active in my physical job and daily life and feel healthy than I did.
Alex C.

The Hands on Healing sessions were very relaxing. There was a melting into space and it was a challenge to stay awake – a feeling of just wanting to let go. Actually made some progress with more focus and on my work!!”
Ariana B.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Hands on Healing, but after the first session, I felt more relaxed then I have in a long time and continue to.”

Gracias. Merci. Arigato. Danke… There aren’t enough languages in the world to express my gratitude for the best massage ever!!
Crystal B.

I am able to use my right arm again after i injured it. I am able to raise my arm up and down with full mobility circling it and I have no pain anymore. The exercises that Shannon gave me to do after our regular monthly massage treatments made a world of difference. I feel really happy to have that mobility in my arm once again.

Thank you.Betty

“The thing that I like best about Shannon is that she does more than just massage. I am an avid runner and I like to ask her a lot about stretches, exercises, etc. to help treat and deal with injuries, and she always has great advice. When I don’t have any questions or don’t want to chat, she just quietly works on me.

Another thing that is great is that she is capable of using a lot of pressure. I don’t enjoy massages where my skin is just lightly being brushed by someone’s hands”

Shane G.

“I would highly recommend Shannon. She is a miracle worker and the best in YYC!

I had been going to her for a year and a half at her former and current location. In this time I had foot surgery and she was very helpful in working through all the after effects that the foot surgery had on my back and legs. Her treatment and recommended home/self treatment was invaluable to my road to recovery.

She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She never rushes and always offer advice to extend the effect of her treatment or to work through whatever muscle/ligament issue you may have. She has a knack for knowing the perfect pressure to address the problem and I like the fact that she will use alternative techniques (eg. reflexology on feet) to tackle issues with a more holistic approach.

She is a calming, soothing force and worth every single penny”

Sarah G.